Thursday, May 28, 2009

Your Field Guide To The Mortgage Collapse

Posted on the Business Insider by Henry Blodget:

The housing market is crashing, and it's taking us, our banks, our economy, and our government down with it. Why? Because of the debt! The value of our houses is plummeting, but the value of our debt is staying just the same.

mortgage meltdown, chart 5-9

You knew that already. What you didn't maybe know, or at least fully appreciate, is exactly what's happening in the mortgage market that's causing all this hideousness.

Well, thankfully, Whitney Tilson has laid it all out for us. START THE TOUR >

Whitney's the managing partner at T2 Partners, a hedge fund and mutual-fund company. He's also just published a book called More Mortgage Meltdown: 6 Ways To Profit In These Bad Times.

In the book, Whitney lays out the whole mortgage disaster in pictorial form, and he has been kind enough to allow us to reprint some of his charts here. If you'd like to see updated, interactive versions, please visit Or just head over to Amazon and buy the book.

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